What's Coworking La Seu

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Coworking La Seu is a work space in Valencia where you can share experiences, escape from the routine, see different points of view, leave your world, make others enter in it, create synergies, find collaborations and grow your business idea with other people who are in a similar situation to you

A special environment for making special your projects

In Coworking La Seu we all contribute to form a heterogeneous group, with creativity, rowing in the same direction, with similar goals and objectives

We are a professionals network united by the same goal: to be better and to feel useful to others

Why Coworking La Seu?

Valencia, El Carmen

Its location is great. Sited in the heart of Valencia, in the historical center, in La Seu district, within El Carmen neighborhood, we are neighbors of “el president” and “la maredeueta”. We do not miss any of the celebrations held in Plaza de La Virgen. You can go to the flower offering in the festivities of Fallas, and to all of the events that are organized in the square, with a privileged site. And if you want to buy fantastic food, Mercado Central is very close to the coworking

Why Coworking La Seu?

Transport to coworking

Being in the center of the city, arriving there is very easy, with several public bus lines that reach both the Torres de Serranos and the Plaza de la Reina. Also, not far from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, or Renfe (spanish public train company), or the tram (underground). Of course, accessible by bicycle in a lucky city like Valencia for this kind of vehicle

Why Coworking La Seu?

Coworking use

As a coworker, you will have your desk for exclusive use, to leave all your things, with the comfort of having, if you wish, private lockers. Because you can enter when you feel like it, any day, at any time, even at three in the morning

Why Coworking La Seu?

Coworking services

In addition to the basic services that any workspace can offer, we include the necessary benefits so that you can meet both fiscal and tax obligations with the spanish treasury, as well as spanish Social Security, complemented by the services of a comprehensive administrative agency
For companies, ask us also about your tax obligations. We also offer virtual office services

Why Coworking La Seu?

Coworking rooms

By the David Bowie room. He was a music genius, perhaps the closest thing to an idol that some of us had

For the Lou Reed room. First with his misunderstood Velvet, and later alone he had a lot of talent

And for the anonymous room. We wanted to leave it without name. Dedicated to all those geniuses who spend their time every week to enjoy their music, but know they will never succeed in it because they are not interested either